Lamborghini Urus Review: Raging Bull or Just an SUV?

Another one bites the dust!

Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati and now Lamborghini, has bowed to the need to produce a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). Rolls Royce is even introducing a HSV (high sided vehicle- why a HSV? Simply because its posher!)

Frankly it’seasy to see why these new behemoths are in demand and are so popular. Have you ever tried living day to day with a sports car? Any rear seats that are provided are frankly less than useless if you are taller than 2ft 6’ inches. The boot is often a brief case sized space in the front (911) or exists in some pathetic gap between the rear engine and the protective bodywork/glass /rear shelf so it’ll likely knock you unconscious or worse as it flies forward under heavy braking!

Forget prams, suitcases larger than a carry-on, forget your kids if they’re above the age of 4 and forget your mates as only one will be able to walk having enjoyed the luxury of the front passenger’s seat. Therein, lies the demand for these SUV’s. Technology has made them as fast, but with lots more practical space and therefore more sociable than their tiny cousins.

With a reputation for producing the maddest supercars on the planet, Lamborghini has a lot to live up to as it enters the fray with its new Urus!

Will this be the first true Super SUV?

The engine is not a V10 or V12 but is still a very capable 4.0Litre twin turbo V8 churning out 642bhp and 627lb ft of spine tingling torque. Whatever speed you are travelling and whatever gear you are in (8 of them) this pulls like a train! Like all SUV’s of the modern age this drives like it’s smaller brethren. Cornering is fast and flat aided by active roll stability and other driver-flattering technological wizardry!
At low speeds, four-wheel steering turns the rears opposite the front wheels for agile parking and at high speed with the front wheels, for fly like changes of direction. The largest carbon ceramic brakes fitted to any production car are needed to slow the Urus’s 2.2 tonnes down from 150mph, where permitted!

The Urus barbles and rumbles its way around with a rather enjoyable thunder building as you approach the rev limit. Pops and cracks are present on downshifts, lovely!

The engine has thee modes. Strada (private school run), Sport and Corsa which firm up and drop the suspension by 15mm while sharpening up the throttle, gearbox and opening the exhaust. There is also a setting to allow you your own preferred settings.

Three off road (surely taking it off road on its Pirellis P Zeros is a recipe for disaster!) settings are present. Terra, Sabbia and Neve or gravel, sand and snow to you and me. Select these and the suspension rises 40mm higher than Strada.

The cabin despite its sloping roofline is very accommodating and the boot holds 1,596 litres with the seats down. The seating position is low and very comfortable and is surrounded by a high tech interior with all the quality Audi traits! Everywhere has hexagons, angles and Alcantara.
The centre piece screen is taken from an A8 and is three-screen architecture. The upper screen is navigation, infotainment, phone and car settings. The lower screen is climate, seats and virtual writing pad if you’d rather scribble than scroll/click. The digital instrument cluster sits behind the wheel.

If you can fork out £165,000 to buy the Urus we suspect you aren’t going to be too concerned by its running costs! These will be helped though by the Lambos clever ability to shut down 4 cylinders below 3000rpm. In fact, this makes the Urus its most fuel-efficient car ever! That said you’re still only looking at around 22mpg.

The Lamborghini Urus is an incredible accomplishment and a full two years of production have already been reserved! This will assist Lamborghini to continue to make the bonkers supercars its pedigree and reputation have been built on.


8.5 Total Score
Lamborghini Style

So the Urus is 100% definitely a raging bull, but at £165,000 (which is the cost of a Range Rover and a 911) and with Ferrari announcing it will enter the SUV market soon, would you still buy one? We say YES

  • Performance
  • Adaptability
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  • Standard SUV Design

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