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Mercedes C Class Review: S Class Dynamics For a C Class price!

The latest iteration of the C Class Mercedes is truly a car not to be missed. If you’re in the market for a BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Audi A4 or indeed Lexus then you owe it to yourself to drive one.

You will not be disappointed as the C Class now has “S Class” inside and out!

We also think it happens to look terrific too!

The C Class offers the top notch build quality of its far more expensive S Class brother, with a superb blend of soft touch materials, genuine wood veneer trim and polished metal accents. The button busy centre stack is replaced with a flowing and simple elegant dash with floating iPod like high resolution infotainment screen taking centre stage. It can be controlled by touchpad or rotary dial with menu’s and options easily accessible.

The C Class bristles with technology much of which comes as standard. Three colour ambient lighting with five dim levels, 7inch display with sat nav, active parking assist via front/rear sensors, LED lighting, 18inch wheels and electrically operated boot. Variable ratio steering (sharper on lock and less so on centre for cruising) is standard too.

Our C250 AMG model (pictured) improves on this specification further with leather upholstery, larger 19 inch alloys, privacy glass, and keyless entry and start. Additionally, the car is 15mm lower and has electric multi-adjustable supportive sports seats and a flat bottomed (with paddles) Nappa leather steering wheel.

The Vision package added superb heads up display, panoramic roof, LED intelligent lights with auto high beam assist and active lights.

The COMAND package added 8inch screen, voice activation, internet access and an incredible Burmester sound system. We’ve experienced Bowers and Wilkins audio in Jaguar and it was very impressive. This is even better as the Burmester features 13 heavy-duty loudspeakers, front bass technology and a 9-channel DSP amplifier with 590 watts of total output power. It’s been perfectly finetuned to the car and delivers first-class Burmester “feelgood sound”.

Indeed, our car came fully loaded with the “witchcraft” optional extra. The Baby Benz will effectively drive itself using steering assist, radar cruise control and autobrake (with pedestrian recognition). It is an extremely odd feeling to be sat in a car watching the wheel move in accordance with the road direction- by itself, along with acceleration/deceleration based on a safe distance (in seconds) from the car in front!! The Baby Benz will remind you that you’re still in control every 15 seconds or so by getting you to return your hands to the wheel. This system works brilliantly and only really seems to get a little confused if a large gap appears between itself and stopped traffic in the distance- driver intervention is required before the “safe distance in seconds” is reached.

The same system will also park the car flawlessly for you with the driver solely providing the necessary throttle input and reverse/forward selections as required to manoeuvre into the space.

In addition to the above, safety is further enhanced by rear cross-traffic assist, active blind spot assist (with steering intervention) and active lane keeping assist! If you try to change lane without indicating, you can actually feel the wheel resist the turn!!

The C Class comes in a range of engine options. Petrol, diesel and BlueTec Hybrid – plenty for customers to choose from and also offers optional air suspension which takes the ride comfort to a whole new S Class level. Drivers can choose Comfort, Sports, and Sports plus (individual and eco settings are available too) which combine to change engine response, steering weight and gear change. We keep ours mainly in Comfort mode and the car simply floats over the bumpiest of roads- prompting the normally car sick mother in law to comment on how smooth it was in the back!
With Sport and Sport+ the firmness returns and the car acts like its ready to get up and go, throttle response is immediate and gear changes are held until higher up the rev range.

The C250 is no slouch with circa 350Nm of torque available at just 1200rpm translating to very little if any turbo lag and plenty of power for overtaking.




Mercedes C Class is without question the safest car we’ve ever felt we’ve driven. The technology is simply astounding and as a family man it’s reassuring to know that there’s a technological guardian angel looking over your shoulder- protecting those inside. The cabin oozes quality of the highest standards, there’s plenty of rear leg room and the audio and sat nav is superb.

It will carry a decent amount of luggage too with an auto opening rear boot combined with fold down seats improving the capacity.
Standard equipment is excellent and if you spec the various optional packages there are literally too many extras to list!
The C Class offers bargain S Class refinement and we think it’s the benchmark car to beat in the sector. Indeed, we’re not alone, in 2015 it won “World Car of the Year”.

9.5 Total Score

The baby Benz has grown up and now represents the best that Mercedes offers. It’s simply wunderbar!

  • Head up display
  • Power
  • Stylish Interior
  • Safety
  • Design: Lack of Creative

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