Our Top Track Day Road Legal Car! The Ariel Atom

Limassol, Cyprus.  28degrees.

Shock and Awe!

The shipping crate doors open.

Nothing prepares you for that first sighting of the Atom. The car is visually stunning from EVERY angle. I reckon I spent the first 10 minutes walking around it, shaking, smiling, trying to look at it through the mass of people that had accumulated beside it!

It looks expensive, quality oozing from every weld and component.

The stainless steel exhaust looks terrific but it’s going to take a lot of polishing to keep it that way! The optional larger alloys and road tyres look terrific. The beautifully finished powder coated silver frame glistens in the sunlight. It’s bigger and wider than I expected.  I’d never seen an Atom in the metal before and had spent the last few months comparing passing family hatchbacks that seemed to be the same sized dimensions. It sits low, very low so I hope there’s sufficient ground clearance.

What have I done? This is going to be a handful.

Drive it like you stole it!

Helmets on. The quick release shift light wheel comes off to allow you to get in.

The seats feel fine, nice and supportive. I’m a light weight (70kg) but I was concerned about them being a little flimsy having read some remarks. They’re surprisingly comfortable. The passenger stainless steel footrest looks lovely.


Ariel Atom Car Review

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