Should Fitness Cost a Fortune?

Five Percent life is big believer in fitness and in looking after oneself. After all, if you can’t take the time for yourself who can you take the time for?

We believe that if you’re of fit mind and body you’ll get far more out of life and the experiences you undertake. Fact is, if you’re fit, you’ll be more physically able to undertake more!

We’ve already shown how a simple, inexpensive “Jump rope” can start you out on your fitness journey and just how effective it can be! But what sort of equipment is at the other end of the “expense” scale?

Lets take a look!

The Expresso S3U Novo- Around $6,000

Source: Expresso

It may look like one but this is no ordinary fitness bike. The S30 is fitted with a screen (19 inch) that allows the user to access its interactive fitness management system and enjoy 30 virtual cycling tours. You can compete against other simulated riders or go online and go head to head with real opponents. The simulation is so accurate that you experience realistic road conditions and need to shift gears and steer along the way!

Your ride data can be saved so that you can see your progress and improvement- done via a ghost rider of yourself. Everything, as you would expect integrates beautifully with an iPhone so that progress and performance can be monitored.

Three variants are available including an older kids bike for health conscious 9-14-year old’s. Quite why they wouldn’t want to use a real bike outdoors (like the good old days) we don’t understand!

The Quick Gym Range Of Motion Machine OR ROM (Circa $15,000)

ROM machine: Get fit in just 4 minutes a day

Go to to find out how to take the ROM 30-day challenge. The ROM provides the ultimate 4-minute workout. The ROM machine is the super-car ...

We must confess to being rather sceptical about the claims made here.

The “ROM” claims that a 4-minute workout each day is equivalent to a full training workout as it uses 12 times more muscle cells than running or brisk walking! We’ve been gym training for years and find this a little hard to accept. Not only this, it claims to

  • Burn fat and build muscle
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase strength
  • Normalize cholesterol
  • Increase energy

Celebrity endorsements by Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Jimmy Kimmel must mean it’s true, right? Various testimonials also reinforce the message on its website as well as Q&A’s.

Sure, four minutes a day is better than ZERO minutes a day but surely some healthy eating and correct nutrition must also be in play here? Will Four minutes a day followed by a poor diet archive results?

It’ll cost you $2500 just to try the machine and a further $12500 if you decide to buy……98% of those that try it do – apparently.

Hypoxi Trainers- Circa $50,000

Source: Hypoxi

And now to the Rolls Royce of exercise equipment!

Hypoxi trainers were developed in the late 1990’s and were specifically designed to target the usual “problem” areas encountered by men and women, namely- tummy fat, hips, thighs, butt and cellulite.

The trainer basically simulates a wind tunnel and “target shapes the body”. More bold claims here as the manufacturers suggest that a training programme of only six weeks (only 3 twenty-thirty minutes sessions per week) is equivalent to six months of strenuous gym workouts!!

Various models are available which stimulate the blood supply- a factor in reducing body fat. Interest in the machine spiked after Cheryl Tweed (nee Cole, nee Fernandez-Versini) of Girls Aloud pop group fame bought one.

If buying a machine is out of the question (it isn’t cheap!) Hypoxi sessions are available from some health studios at a reasonable price. Perhaps this is the sensible way to give it a try and test the claims out?


So, there we have it!

We’ve featured cheap Jump ropes on Five Percent Life and some very expensive fitness gear indeed, making some HUGE fitness claims.

Our gym/fitness experience (gained over many years) leads us to believe that the adage of “no pain, no gain!” is the most accurate when it comes to fitness and that a healthy balanced diet plays a huge role in the gains you will see. Don’t expect to transform if you continue to eat badly!

We’ve also been purchasers of various pieces of gym equipment over the years. Rower, exercise bike, trampoline, Pilates machine etc and each and every one was frantically used for a month or so and now sits idly gathering dust in storage.

Training at home isn’t as motivational, varied, as fun or as social as training in a well-equipped modern gym. The price of some of these machines would pay a gym membership for a very long time!!

Ultimately how you fitness train is your choice. The one thing we know for sure, is that doing it is better than not doing it so whatever method you decide, enjoy!



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