The Most Expensive Rolex Watches Ever!

If you were to ask people to name three watch brands, we’ll almost certainly guarantee “Rolex” will be one of those named. It’s the go-to watch for the stars, celebrities, sports people and the successful.

Rolex’s passion to produce beautifully crafted time pieces has made it arguably the top luxury brand in the world. As a result, its sales go from strength to strength.

A gauge of how valuable a brand name is can be found in the vintage market and as such, auction prices for classic Rolex pieces have now hit the stratosphere! There’s one model above all others that is coveted by collectors, very rich collectors.

The “Daytona” model features in 3 of the top five most expensive Rolexes EVER sold.

In third place is the 1969 Paul Newman Daytona Ref 6263 which sold for $3,717,906.

Nicknamed “The legend” the yellow gold watch was only one of three ever made. Featuring screw down pushers and a Calibre 727 movement it has a lemon grené dial with black sub dials with art deco font.

Sophisticated, elegant and in perfect condition.

In second spot is the 1954 Bao Dai Ref 6062 which sold for $5,060,427!!

Source: SJX

This particular model was the only one of its kind to feature the black dial with diamond accents. It was a great investment for its owner who paid a mere $235,000 for it in 2002 (a record price itself at the time!)

The yellow gold moon phase with triple calendar was commissioned by the last Emperor of Vietnam- Bao Dai (meaning keeper of greatness). Bao Dai had a taste for the finer things in life and spent the latter part of his life along the French Riviera, playing golf, bridge and chasing women!

Totally original and with unique provenance it is sure to fetch even more when it is next up for sale.

And finally, to the most expensive EVER!

The 1968 Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona Ref 6239 sold for $17,752,500.

Source: Rolex

The Bao Dai looks a total bargain compared with this, but the Paul Newman Daytona is regarded as the “Adam and Eve” of the watch collecting world.

Old Blue eyes was given it by his wife of 50 years Joanne Woodward to commemorate the start of his motor racing career. He ended up giving it away to his daughter Nell’s college boyfriend who wore it for 30 years before a well-informed watch collector informed him of its importance!

The Paul Newman Daytona is the watch that inspires the “Paul Newman” nickname for every special version of the Daytona that Rolex have produced ever since. This is THE watch that started it all.

So, there you have it. The Daytona model appears to be the one Rolex to own.

We’ve always found it a bit of a nuisance that it doesn’t feature a date as that’s the one thing we always seem to forget. Then again, perhaps there’s an opportunity for a specifically commissioned “Date-ona!!!”

Could be in the money with that one.


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